We are constantly upgrading our facilities to optimize our operations

We believe the best solutions are good for the grower, for the consumer, and for the planet.

The Latest Hydroponic Technology

Golden Hydro uses the most innovative hydroponic technology to produce clean, robust cannabis.

Hydroponic systems offer optimal control over inputs into the cannabis life cycle. This allows growers to produce reliable and repeatable results at a lower price point and with less wasted energy.

  • Accurately monitor and control pH levels
  • Real-time tracking of parts-per-million nutrient content
  • Faster growth rate with more consistent yield volumes
  • Predictable harvest schedule with favorable outcomes

Efficient, Naturalistic Lighting

Our professionally installed lighting network features smart technology that mimics the natural grow cycle of cannabis.

The goal of an indoor grow isn’t just to match the power of the sun, but to exceed it. We are constantly tweaking our technical specifications to maximize yield.

  • Timed to match the sun’s daily rotation
  • Highly energy efficient and long lasting bulbs to reduce lighting costs
  • Constantly striving for the highest yield per watt possible
  • Greater consistency than outdoor grows
  • Small unit size allows for vertical stacking

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Automated Nutrient Application

As part of our hydroponic system, we’re able to custom apply nutrients in an efficient manner.

We carefully track the performance of all our plants, allowing us to adapt and optimize the Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium ratio and continually boost yields.

  • Our nutrients are made specifically to be used with hydroponics
  • These micro-nutrients compensate for normal soil attributes
  • The nutrients are chelated for easier absorption
  • Direct application means very little is wasted
  • Mineral nutrients for a cleaner and safer system

High Energy Efficiency

Golden Hydro employs the most advanced, environmentally friendly technology available.

Growing indoors requires a great deal of energy, in particular in terms of lighting, temperature control, and ventilation. We have invested in leading-edge equipment that will more than pay back its cost over its lifetime, while greatly reducing our environmental impact.

  • Low power LED’s that optimize yield per watt
  • Energy efficient fans and ventilation to keep our cannabis mold free
  • Climate controlled indoor environment to maximize output
  • Air and water filtration maintains atmospheric integrity at all times.
  • Our priority is healthy, clean cannabis at affordable prices