Constantly striving for sustainable and eco-friendly cannabis

Golden Hydro is a small, dedicated, and experienced team of botanists and growers. Every member of our staff has a deep passion for growing the best possible cannabis

Why Choose Us?

Golden Hydro has invested in the latest cultivation technologies with one goal in mind: to bring our customers top shelf, ecologically-friendly cannabis. We are committed to perfecting our unique hydroponic system that allows us to exactly manage the nutrients and light to our plants. This means a faster grow cycle and a more productive plant. We believe that you will taste the difference.

We Believe In What We Do

Growing isn’t just a business. It’s a way of life. If we weren’t passionate about the plant and everything that it can do, we’d probably be growing radishes. Cannabis is many things to many people: a medicine, a stress reliever, a transformative substance. No matter why you came to cannabis, we believe you should have the cleanest, the healthiest, and the most robust strains of the plant available. That’s why we do what we do.

Some Facts About Us

Golden Hydro is a small, family-owned business based just outside of Portland, Oregon. We operate a Tier II, OLCC-licensed facility in Beaverton that focuses on high quality craft cannabis. Our streamlined processes rely on energy efficient technologies that are clean and Earth-friendly.

We think you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Our Mission

Golden Hydro is dedicated to growing premium cannabis that is healthy, clean, and flavorful


We’ve designed our grow process to have the most minimal impact on the environment possible.


We take great care to ensure no outside molds, toxins, or chemicals come into contact with our plants.


We use vertical platforms to maximize our space and reduce the amount of nutrients and resources we need to use, meaning we can offer cheaper prices.

Advanced Technology

We’ve invested in the most innovative technologies in the cannabis space and our looking for newer and better options every chance we get.


We’re located just outside of Portland, in Beaverton, Oregon. We know the market here and are proud to be members of the Oregon cannabis community.


We purposefully have kept our operations small, believing that it’s more important to grow the highest quality, Oregon craft cannabis rather than worry about volume.